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I love chestnuts! The sound of the words "marrons chauds" in Paris makes me melt.

Happy belated Easter, Sidney! Sorry I haven't been around much lately.


I miss the smell of fresh nuts being roasted. Looking at these pics has given me an appetite for them!


I love roasted peanuts and cashew nuts. When my husband is busy baking and nuts are part of the ingredients, I would often see my 3-yr old son going back and forth at the kitchen getting some nuts. I guess he likes them too. :)

I always remember my Dad when I see Castanas especially during Christmas season. As a child, he would always bring home a bag of Castanas for us.


Wonderful. I associate chestnuts with winter and the Holidays.

We tried roasting them once at home but they didn't turn out so well.


ooohhhh those banana things look absolutely delicious!


BOLD peanuts as they call it here in the south remind me of the Philippines. My favorite are the garlic roasted peanuts and boiled peanuts.

I have to laugh at one of the photographs. Why is it that Filipino men are fond of exposing their abdomen? They also do it here in the US. I burst out laughing one day when I went to a doughnut shop, there were retired Filipino men having coffee. A couple of them wore their shirts just like the guy in the bottom photograph :-)


"Castanas" just so good !


I love all these... cashew, chestnuts, and linagang mani! :)


Those are the street foods that I eat! Yummy!


i love the sweet peanuts with cheeseee yumm


I'd like it hot & spicy please. :p

Happy Easter!


Where in the P.I. is this place, Sidney?


Yes, nothing beats "mani" (peanuts). Truly, the ones in Pilipinas are the best. Especially the garlic toasted peanuts... and Growers. Yummy.

sexy mom

those are "a few of my favorite things" - peanuts, chestnuts, cashewnuts...where are the donuts?

happy easter, dear!

Ashish Sidapara

Reminds me of Bombay (India), similar shops in the market!


Ah, nuts.
Love the girl in the second photo.


I am now so hungry! The peanuts look awesome. And so many of them! Yum!


Hum so good......
Désolée pour mon anglais approximatif....

Mike Dougan

There is so many types of street food in the Philippines you could easily blog away on this subject for the rest of the year. Great images.

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